Sin is lawlesness, sin is immorality, when sin complete's its course, death is waiting at the door to devour its victim. ( paranoia is an effect of sin) Through sin, sickness, death and extreem suffering entered the world and perverted the face of the earth. Sin is heriditary and because of our forefather's sin, many innocent lives are suffering today. Christ who Himself knew no sin, died on the cross to save sinners.
God does not rejoice in the sinner's death, he only wants Him to repent. No matter how wicked a man has been, how far a sinner as gone, God is merciful and is willing to forgive the sinner, if the sinner change's His ways and pays His debts, if He as any. Only blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is an unforgivable sin. This latter sin, blashemy agaisnt the Holy Ghost, is represented by doctors of the church such as final impenitence, and refusing to recieve God's mercy and forgivness, a grave offence to the crown of God. For the sin of Adam and Eve, all the human race were punished for thousands of years.

By sinning a person can be sent from the kingdom of the Lord, and lose his right as a children of  God.

Small sins or venial sins, if many can lead you to the purgatory, to be purified before being allowed to have the beatific vision.

human acts may be imputable or non imputable depending on certain factors which can also diminish the imputability or take it all away, like, age, fraud, fear, duress, provocation,  invincible or vincible ignorance, passions, certain diseases, etc... .

 A person may sin by participating in the sinful act by many ways.

A sin can be committed in deeds, words or thoughts. 
Sometimes a sin come`s from an hold habit and old habits are sometimes hard to change, the priest can offer absolution and forgive the penitent many times, depending on some circumstances, until the penitent amends his way completely, and the sin is dealt with, and the penitent is freed from the sin in question.
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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