Parental law
Childrens, honour your father and mother so that it may go well with thee in the land that God as given thee and that your days may be prolonged.

This law also applies to mothers and fathers, parents must honour their childrens too, they have to educate them, especially in the Christian faith.

Fathers and mothers (God's representatives)  must not neglect to correct and punish their offsprings for unapropriate behaviors. Correction as to be administered according to the age and many other factors. A child under the age of reason is not guilty of any wrongdoing he might have done.

This does not mean that parents must always punish their childrens for their misbehavior, parents must be merciful and patient, and tell their childrens that they love them, telling them why their misbehavior deserve punishments and correction, and if they neglect this, their childrens, most of the time, will become uncontrolable and rebellious.

Parents also must exhort their childrens of the concequences of wrong doing, but also that if they do good they deserve a reward, not meaning also that every time their childrens behave they need to recieve a reward.

This parental law also concern the duty of the statesman
towards the citizens, the officers and the population, etc... . 
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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