Holy communion
Communion my child was instituted by Christ as a rememberance of his passion, death and ressurection, it was instituted to repair the damage done by sin. The communion counteract concupiscience, reanimates and streghten the will, appeases passions, purifies the blood and temperate the humors. communion augments sanctifying grace ( charity ), it increases the fruits of charity which are, all virtues, assistance and aid, needed for a person to reach his possession of the sovereing good, wich is God in heaven. It increases fervor, spiritual joy and divinizes us, Spiritual joy is not always felt at the moment we recieve the body and blood of Christ, at times it is kept for our times of sufferings and needs. The communion augments all the gifts, all the virtues and the strenght of the supernatural life, it produces in us chaste sentiments and thought full of purity and it sanctifies the soul and body. it is the propriety of this bread of angels, to make virgins, and there is no better remedies for chastety. All powers are reanimated, developped and activated; the spirit by the gift of faith, enlightment, intelligence, counsel and prudence; the will by the gift of strenght, generosity and constance, the heart by the gift of love, joy, happiness, the body recieves the quality of purity, of mortification, of docility, it also augments the gift of wisdom and science. The bread of intelligence gives our intelligence plenitude and perfection. Holy communion has for principale objective to develope love in our souls, it produces love, activates it, warms it, enflames it, it put out the flame of sensual love. Communion nourishes and perfects prayers. The Holy communion preserves the spiritual lives of ouyr souls, it makes us vigorous, it make us desire more and more the things of God, it exites us to the practice of virtue, it fortifies us in the works related to God, it gives us resistance towards our ennemies and strenght to overcome them, it arms us against temptation, it preserves us from the poison of sin, it unifys us with Christ, it elevates to  degrees of perfection and holyness, it voids is of sensual pleasu, it make us live the life of angels, it purifies us from venial sins, it make temptations less frequent and less rude, it is a preservative against grave faults, it preserves us from death, it transforms our spirit in the spirit of Christ, it sanctifies our mortal flesh, it preserves us from spiritual and eternal death, it can give us health, heal our illnesses or sickness and it can comfort us. Communion directly operates the grace of renunciation, it destroys carnal affection, etc,etc,etc... .It is important to prepare before communion aproximately half an hour with prayers and devotions and after communion to recite some prayers and thanksgiving for aproximately the same periode. The fruits we aquire through communion is in proportion to our preperation and thanksgiving we make after communion. Holy communion is compared to the tree of life from paradise, it is the bread of angels.
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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