Ordained by a old roman catholic priest ( From the vatican ) according to the order of mechizedek

We believe and hope in the reunification of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church as it was in the beginning

Childrens should be told of criminal and pedophiliac priests, it is not worst than warning your child, to be prudent when they cross the street and to look on both side of the road, cars can pass and run them over and they can die, I recommend to speak of the dignity of priesthood beforehand

(( We believe and are,  for married priesthood as it was in the beginning, even for bishops, since it was permitted until the 8th century, are not for homosexual ordinations ( click here for survey ), and we believe in divorce and remarriage ( for ratified and consumated marriage between two baptized persons for grave sins, for example if a husband would beat and disfigure his 4 year old son and send him to the hospital) as it was permitted by early popes and councils))

We believe many lifes could be and have been ruined by not permitting divorce and remarriage

We also believe in repentance after death as other orthodox Catholic priests believes

We belive that even if a Church is not identical with another Church, such as one who would not permit priests and bishops to ever be married or one that would, or one who would use a different kind of rite, etc..., it could be a possibility to be a member of the same body, the body of Christ

Father Allen is also against ill-treating religious as superiors did in the Roman Church history

Father Allen has studied every branch of theology and canon law, natural law, etc..., from the Roman Catholic church, there is nothing he does not agree with and everything makes common sense, nothing seems illegal or unbelievable except the aforementionned ( above ), he believes should be changed by the Roman Catholic Church, so father Allen belives that aproximately 95 % of what the Roman Catholic church is excellent

Father Allen as found nothing that should change from the eastern orthodox church

( this site is simple like God, ( sometimes people are to complicated and scientific and cant convert a soul ) made in the shortest format possible, contains all the essentials, convincing, 99 per cent finished, just needs to be beautified) 

The founder of world mission is father Allen Payer, a religious, anchorite missionary priest, scholar and spiritual director, confessor, ascetic, contemplative, orthodox, western rite,  pacifist, liberal, mystic and apologist, born in the province of Quebec, Canada, in a small city named Hull, known today as the city of Gatineau. At around five or six years old, His dream was to become a priest and serve with Christ, our Lord. When He was around thirteen years of age, medicine started to be an interest for Him, so he began some personal studies in medicine and studied for about fifteen years, learning every medical system He could get His hands on, old and new. At around fifteen years of age He was hired as a labor for a demolition company working at ambassy's, government and military site. While studying carpentry, architecture and engeneering, one of his dream and goal for a time was to build a country and become a monarch. In his teenage years he enjoyed to spend his time with his regiment, learning the art and science of defence and survival. Also in his early years he was an apprentice firefighter. In His mid-twenties He moved to winnipeg and soon afterward He joined the St-Boniface hospital as a nursing assistant and managed to get Himself a room in the hospital's nurses and doctor's dormitory, and at the same time He enrolled at the university of Manitoba, hoping to pursue some studies in the medical field while working at the hospital .The experience lasted for a little while and later he decided to move back in His native land. Keeping fit was His favorite passtime, He loved  working out at  the gym, sculpting His body and skipping some rope to keep in shape, "exercising can reduce your age by twenty years, He says!!!!!!!!". In His early years, at around seven or eight, up to His mid twenties, music   was always of an interest for Him, He loved playing music  and entertaining people. In 1981 He played classical guitar at a festival at the Chateau Laurier in ottawa and won several trophies for first second and third place. In His latter years as a musician, His dream was to play at casinos around the world, his favorite were Frank Sinatra, Tony Benett and Dean Martin. On a certain occasion, in his early teenage years, while working at His mothers father  fruits and vegetable company, one of His friend, named Michael, came to see Him and brought  Him on a land, in Hull , now called Gatineau, a land that was owned by His friend's uncle, and Michael, His friend, seeked some help from Him because His uncle was about to loose the land, so His friend Michael, asked Him what He would build if He gave Him the land, and He replied, after thinking a few minutes , a casino, as a rememberance for His family, who liked to play cards a lot. Surely enough a few years afterward a casino was built, the casino du lac Lemay. His idea ended up making billions of billions for Canada and Quebec.  In His late twenties He was also interested in becoming the future president of America or prime minister of Canada, so he persued some studies for a couple of years  in economics, politics and jurisprudence as well as buisness management. Later in His life before His ordination as a priest, He started to performe miracles, constant and daily miracles of all kinds, like controlling the weather, the winds and storms, making instant healings, creating constellations, passing through matter, as our Lord Jesus did, calling stars down to earth, and performing many other amazing feats of all sortes. Not long afterward He found Himself  with holes in His hands and blood, the Lord's stigmatas, which dissapeared 3 days afterward on all Souls day. The experience drew Him the more closer to God and He decided to consecrate the rest of His life to God, studying in His manuels, often twenty hours a day non stop, approximately for a decade or so, maybe a little more, learning moral theology, pastoral theology, ascetic theology, mystic theology, dogmatic theology, sacramental theology, the liturgy, the life of prayer, catechism, canon law, natural law, positive law, church history, thomistic philosophy, etc.... . Father Allen as seen Jesus Christ with his crown and spoke with him, and like Saint Antony the anchorite, the father of all monks, he communicates with angels practically every day. Father Allen presently lives cloistered into solitude, vanities of vanities, the world is vanity, fleeing from the world, fleeing from its vanities, the sinfull world is unworthy. Consecrated to a life of eternal learning and austerity, waiting to come out of his cloistered habitation if need be for a time, to purify, help and guide people, a victim and martyr, his meat is to do his fathers will.

Father allens schedual is 8 hours of prayers including 10 psalms on rising, 10 psalms before retiering for rest before reciting the rosary, 1 hour of contemplation, 1 hour of meditation, 8 hours of studies, 1 hour to celebrate the euchariste, 1/2 hour of preparation, 1/2 hour for prayers and thanksgiving after celebration, 1/2 hour for the particular examination of conscience, 1/2 hour for the general examination of conscience, etc... .

"Father Allen can be seen on facebook; enter Allen payer in facebook and click on profile"

  Father Allen  is for the refuse of the latin, eastern and oriental orthodox and anglican church together and all other denominational and non denominational church as well

"At the end all those under the heavens and on earth will worship the Lord"

Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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