For any types of donations that will be used for the mission please send an email at; and leave your informations so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible and please mention if you have seen this site.

All donations will be used to reach the whole world with the gospel of Christ, it will be used to care for the widows, visit and heal the sick, care for the orphans, evangelize, succour the poor, feed the hungry, etc...  .

To reach everyone in Canada, 99% of people, the cost is aproximately one fifthy thousand dollards, the other countries a little less or a little more.

The progress will be monitored and the impact will be felt on the economy, the health care system, the crime rate, etc... .

Imagine, a country without trouble, no sickness, no crime, no wars . It is possible and it is coming, amen.
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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