In the beginning God was Israel's mighty king. When Israel demanded God for kings, like the other nations to rule them, God offered them Kings but also warned them of difficulties that would arise because of their request. Nevertheless, Israel wanted kings and God gave them what they where longing for. Today every nations as their troubles just like they had five thousands years ago. There is only one true everlasting  kingdom which will last and endure for all time, God`s  kingdom. No one presides a land for long if God does not permits it, He is He who made the law. Democracy itself is built on the ruins of monarchy, thereby monarchy (absolute) is the best form of government. But monarchy can be the worst form of government if it is governed by a Tyrant.
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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