For more info and help
For more informations and help contact me or your local Church and ask for a priest, He will be
able to answer your questions or refer you to another priest who can

There are also priest who are formed counsellor to help
and heal you

My best recommendation for the moment is to contact the Roman Catholic Church ( does not permit divorce and remarriage if performed legally between two baptized persons and if it is ratified and consumated) or the eastern catholic orthodox church( permit divorce and remarriage).

Childrens should be warned as soon as possible about sexual predators, speak of the subject with your pastor

 Many roman priest where wicked according to the roman church, and many confessors were bad confessors, there were also effiminate priests amongst the priesthood, alas. It is not God who is vile and crooked, occasionally it is those who represent and serve him, priests and bishops

it is not everyone who says Lord, Lord we have worked wonders in your name, that will be accepted in his heavenly kingdom

( I do not intend to scare people from the church of christ therefore I should add that many priest where excellent, there is no higher dignity and position on earth than priesthood, even higher than earthly kings)

If in doubt concerning any priests you can contact another priest, contact a bishop, contact an archbishop, inform yourself about your rights

"God vomited many priests"

You can leave info for any question you may have in the contact section of this site, I will try my best to answer

( the true christian catholic church is infallible)

Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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