Doubts about God and the Catholic Church?
Evidence of God abounds all aroud us, the planetary system is so well organized, that, none of it could of been made by chance., according to scientist. The human body itself is so well organized as well, the cells and the DNA, that only an extreemely intelligent being could of created it, it could of never have happened by chance., again according to scientist. The bible is the revealed word of God and some of the proofs are found in the bible itself. Many prophecies written in the bible came to pass( over 2000) and some are still to come, proving that what was inscribed in the scripture, was the word of God. Predictions of wars, famine and captivity was announced centuries before they came to pass, to the state of Israel and other states, because of their rebellion towards God. Israel, God's chosen people, was chastized for their own good. Israel  will be God's final dwelling place forevermore, it is written in the scriptures, as proof that the word is true. Babylon's eternal destruction was also predicted in the bible, and came to pass. Jesus's crucifixion, persecution, suffering, His pierced hands, feets and side, are prophecised many centuries in advance. His birth place from the tribe of Judah and the house of king david are also revealed, as some proof that the bible is the truth and the word of God ( over 300 prophecies came to pass concerning Jesus). Miracles and prophecies are both ways proving that the faith of the Catholic Church is the truth, the way, the church, of the everlasting God. The Catholic Church is infalliable in its teaching and the faith is thought using the scriptures, written and oral tradition. ( Written and oral tradition is the teaching of the Church not inscribed in the scriptures). The Catholic Church as civilized nations, educated the illeterates, founded schools and hospitals, took care of the poor and orphans , saved many from eternal damnation. When the Catholic Church devided itself from the state, many states where brought to almost complete ruins, all of Europe almost became desolate.

(In the bible there is hidden codes and amongst these codes we find the name of Hitler, the holocost, prime minister Rabin's assasination, prediction of the gulf war, etc... .)
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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