Marriage and divorce

 A consummated marriage is essentially undissoluble in itself and should never be broken, "and both of them become one flesh" , " for better or for worst" , but in my view, ( not only mine ) divorce, in certain instances, should be permitted, permitted according to common sense. The Roman catholic church says other wise, the canon law in some canonist manuals, does not permit a divorce settelment and remarriage, even if the guilty party be the worst sinner, if the celebration was performed legally by two baptised person and if it was ratified and consummated.

The early church fathers generally permitted divorce and remarriage on the grownd of grave sins(Origen, Lactantius, Basil the great, Ambrosiaster, Asterius, Epiphanius of salamis, Victor of antioch... .)

the unified greek with rome and the holy see fully submitted to the teaching of the indissolubility of the matrimonial bond only in the XIX century

So divorce and remariage was permitted in the catholic church until the great schism wich happened in 1054

Pope gregory II was for remariage, many pemitential was for divorce and remariage such as the penitencial of st theodore, of vallicellanum, of corrector  of laurentianum, of rome

The synode of deverberie and compegne was for divorce and remariage

The council d elvire and the council of st patrick was for divorce and remariage

 In the first millenium of the church history, eastern and western,  divorce was permitted and tolerated

The indissoluability of the matrimonial bond is not an infalliable teaching and has never been defined by the church as a doctrine of faith

Every mesure to save a marriage should be employed, furthermore divorce should not be seeked for childish disputes. 

According to some roman catholic fathers a mariage is eternal ( my opinion), according to others when a person dies he becomes as the angels and have no need to marry.

Before the matrimonial celebration, counselling should be offered and the priest who counsel should explain to both part on how never to have disputes in their relationship.

" Math, 19.9------The Lord says; I tell you that anyone who divorce his wife except for maritial unfaithfullness and marries another woman commits adultary"
Only jesus can really save us
Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved
those who will not be baptized will be condemned, doomed.
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